A Hubodometer or a Hubo is a rugged, sealed mechanical device for mileage recording that attaches to the axle of a trailer or bus to precisely record distance in kilometers. A Hubodometer also records each turn of the tire, along with presents this recording on a high-resolution expanded screen for easy reading.
Uses of the Hubodometer


Most often seen on trailers, where they are the single way to precisely measure the distance a wheel has traveled. They are a vital part of the maintenance schedule of a trailer with the purpose of distance-based trailer service can be performed.

Distance-Based Pricing

Drivers who hire based on a price per hundred or thousand kilometers can use the Hubodometer as a precise record of the distance they have traveled.

To Calculate the Levies and Charges

Hubodometer readings are used in some countries to calculate the road user charges after the fuel is not taxed at the pump.

Return on Investment Calculation

The Hubodometer is very precise and can therefore be used to aid calculate how much a truck or a trailer makes per kilometer or per mile.
Benefits of Hubodometers

  • Available in new slim format or original format
  • Free of maintenance
  • Reliable and Exact recording of bus or trailer mileage
  • Available now for all popular wheel sizes for miles
  • Integrated shaft cover assembly options;
  • Naturally sealed compact design;

Accepted and recognized as exact for fuel reimbursement applications.

How Does It Work?

The exterior part of the Hubodometer is linked to the axis as well as rotates with it. The inner hub of the hubodometer has a weight on the bottom that keeps it pointing downhill while the outer spindle spins around it. Each time the shaft completes one revolution, the counting mechanism enhances one. Also read more about What Is a Hubodometer and How Does It Work? by visiting https://www.cgtrailer.com/what-is-a-hubodometer-and-how-does-it-work/

The Typical Characteristics of Hubodometers

The Hubo must be durable and strong in all weather conditions, from freezing to searing temperatures, and be tamper-proof as well as waterproof.

The Problems with a Hubodometer

Mechanical Hubos just measure the axle rotation. Because tires wear out, they get smaller gradually, increasing the number of rotations per mile, which can lead to incorrectness as the tire approaches the expiration of its life. These types of hubs are open to being manipulated if an individual is determined enough. Mechanical hubodometers wear out as well.

The Solution

Digital Hubo can be automated to account for variations in tire diameter. They can measure in miles or kilometers, plus you can set the number of revolutions of a wheel for every unit of distance. The tire manufacturer can provide this number. Digital Hubo has some moving parts and this helps in stability over mechanical ones. C

In Summary

Hubodometers, also known as Hubos, are essential trailer parts near you, designed to accurately record the distance traveled by trailers or buses. They play a crucial role in various applications, including maintenance scheduling, distance-based pricing, levy calculations, and return on investment calculations. Available in different formats and known for their reliability and accuracy, Hubodometers are indispensable tools for fleet management. While mechanical Hubos may have limitations, digital Hubos offer solutions to address issues such as tire wear and tampering. Investing in a Hubodometer ensures better vehicle management, reduces the risk of breakdowns, and enhances overall operational efficiency.