A Hubodometer (sometimes called a Hubo) measures the distance a bus or trailer has traveled by counting the revolutions of the axles as well as showing them on a counter. A Hubodometer must be set to read in miles or kilometers for the tire size and have a single serial number of the manufacturer inside the meter housing.

What Is Hubodometer?

The Hubodometer is a rugged, sealed automatic mileage recording device that attaches to the axle of a vehicle to accurately record distance in kilometers. This records each turn of the wheel as well as shows this recording on a high-resolution magnified screen for simple reading.

How Does Hubodometer Work?

Using a pendulum functionality, it automatically counts the cycle of every rotation of the shaft hub. The design of the Hubodometer uses a counterweight to avoid orbit, making sure exact counts at high speeds as well as over uneven terrain. The use of high-quality, rugged polycarbonate bearings, rotators, and components makes sure of not only long-term precision but also efficiency. The sealed hermetically case is filled with inert gas as well as a double O-ring to guard the unit against any ecological debris.

Who Uses Hubodometer?

Leading private fleet operators and public transportation companies use Hubodometers to consistently record vehicle mileage. Dependable mileage reading supports the operations of semi-trailer and vehicle rental as well as leasing companies. In addition, this robust tool helps the operators to efficiently manage service schedules and auto maintenance programs. Click here to read more about Why You Need A Hubodometer?

Why Use a Hubodometer on a Trailer?

The trailer disconnected from the tractor does not have a free record of its usage or distance traveled. A Hubo offers a reliable source of mileage data as well. Hubodometer is a reliable component for scheduling a fleet preventative maintenance program as well as correct billing for any distance-based application or lease payment application.

The Benefits of a Hubodometer?

There are a number of advantages that Hubo can bring to your fleet. The normal feature of tracking mileage and giving access to reliable information for starters is worth its weight in gold. Accurate mileage can assist fleet directors manage maintenance schedules as well as expense planning more competently. In addition, that is a win-win in terms of fleet protection for the reason that it allows fleet directors to be better organized to avoid expensive challenges like surprise breakdowns, blowouts, as well as the like.

One more advantage of using a Hubo is that the exact data make sure that you get paid for the correct miles driven per trip. Discrepancies can accumulate over a year, so ensuring you have accurate numbers is an excellent way to exploit your fleet’s profitability. Finally, a good warranty will provide you peace of mind in terms of performance, just depending on the make of your Hubo. 

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Hubodometers, also known as Hubos, are crucial trailer parts near you, measuring the distance traveled by buses or trailers accurately. They offer reliable mileage readings, aiding in fleet management for various operators and companies. By scheduling maintenance programs and ensuring accurate billing, Hubodometers contribute to improved efficiency and profitability of trailer operations. With selection tools available, finding the right Hubodometer for your fleet nearby has never been easier, making it a valuable investment for any fleet operator.